What is kefir?


How to say it: Key-fur 


In a nutshell

A superpowered probiotic with a whole host of friendly bacteria and yeast, great for improving gut health and providing science-based health benefits such as skin and allergy support.


Kefir, The Best Kept Secret in Probiotics

While traditional yogurt seems to get all the glory when it comes to tangy probiotic goodness, kefir is really the powerhouse of the probiotic world, packed with even more nutrients, healthy bacteria and yeast.

Kefir is traditionally a tangy, slightly creamy drink created by introducing kefir grains into a milk product, in our case coconut milk, to cause fermentation. Kefir grains are essentially a cluster of microorganisms that are bound together in a polysaccharide and protein matrix. Within that matrix, several different healthy species of yeast and bacteria coexist in a symbiotic relationship, providing all those delicious health benefits you hear about. What health benefits?

Oh—Just these health benefits:
  • Immunity boosting

  • Decreased inflammatory response, which can help troubling allergy and asthma issues

  • Bone health

  • Antibacterial AND antifungal properties

  • Tons of great nutrients like vitamin B12, calcium, magnesium, folate, and more.

  • Balance to the gut (If your dog, well, stinks…Kefir’s digestive support may help clear the air.)

  • Skin and wound healing support


And unlike yogurt, which helps gut health by allowing healthy bacteria to pass through the digestive system, effectively cleaning it and providing food for the good bacteria living there, the bacteria and yeast in kefir can colonize in the intestinal tract, providing even more benefits for your pet for longer periods of time.

Even better? Our kefir is plant based and made from coconut milk, which has additional benefits as an immunity booster and can even help improve your pet’s stinky breath. Total win, win.

That’s just some of the good stuff that scientists tell us come from using kefir. And they’ve been studying it for a long time too.


Where did this stuff even come from?

The word kefir comes from the Turkish word “keyif” meaning “good feeling,” which refers to the feeling you have after drinking it, and the drink has been around for a very, very long time. We’re talking hundreds of hundreds of years. It’s thought to have originated in the Caucasus Mountains between Georgia and Russia, and it’s been a daily staple for many people living in that part of the world ever since. Back in the day, families would carefully pass down their kefir grains from generation to generation, treating them as treasured heirlooms. That’s how much they valued the health benefits they gained from using kefir. While it was a well kept “secret” to the region of the Caucasus Mountains for hundreds of years, in the early 1900s a group of Russian physicians lobbied to obtain kefir grains and make them available on a wide scale. The popularity and accessibility of kefir grew from there, pun totally intended.

So from age old fermented drink carried in the leather pouches of shepherds to delightfully tangy, frozen treat for pets… Kefir has come a long way. The good news is that it’s here to stay.


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