About Us

Health-passionate sisters Ayako and Yumiko weren’t afraid to think out of the box when Yumiko’s rescue dog, Bazzy, kept having itchy, uncomfortable skin issues stemming from allergies. Big believers in the immunity boosting effects of kefir, the sisters developed frozen, pet-friendly treats from the cultured probiotic, and Bazzy became their official taster. Nomming kefir treats helped clear up Bazzy’s skin, allowing his patchy coat to grow in thick and shiny, and it made him a pretty happy pup too.

 Now Bazzy can’t wait to share the secret of his favorite treats, and his people can’t wait for you to see the difference that kefir can make in your pets.

Meet the Team

Bazzy - Basil, when he’s feeling proper. Official taste tester and spokesdog for Bazzy’s Kefir. Former rescue dog, current living his best life, surrounded by adoring family members and fans.

Yumiko - Flight attendant with a metric ton of air miles and avoiding germs under her belt. Mom to Basil, aka Bazzy. Passionate about creating better lives for pets in need, kefir, and anything that will boost her immune system for those long-haul flights.

Ayako - Health conscious former logistics expert with experience in international import/export. Aunt to Bazzy, mom to some pretty rad kids. Living the dream as an entrepreneur, building a people and pets-first business with her sister.