The Ultimate Guide to the Best Dog Parks Around Los Angeles

It’s heating up here in Venice, and we couldn’t be more excited for summer! As social distancing restrictions start to ease up, we at Bazzy’s Kefir have been thinking about ways we can still hit the town without putting ourselves and others at risk. And what better way to do that than taking your pooch to beautiful (and spacious) dog parks?

We’re also in love with our Southern California communities, and that includes Los Angeles—one of the best dog-friendly places there is. Today we’re going to share the best dog parks LA has to offer and give you plenty of places to choose from as you prepare to take Fido out for some much-needed fun this summer.

Obviously, be sure to check the website or any info on openings/closures as we navigate COVID restrictions!

Here is Bazzy’s ultimate guide to LA dog parks:

  1. Arts District Dog Park

We love how cozy the Arts District Dog Park is while still providing excellent amenities for you and your pup: a doggy water fountain, a separate area for small doggos, and plenty of shade and seating. We also love the colorful and funky vibe of the gorgeous art murals painted on the walls. This park is also run by volunteers, and we LOVE community involvement!

The Details: 

   Location: 1004 E. 4th St.

   Hours: Mon-Sun: 9am-5pm

  1. Bluff Creek Dog Park

We were surprised to find turf at Bluff Creek rather than the wood chips and dirt we’re used to seeing at most dog parks, which means less mess for pups! This park is also unique for the adorable “river” running through it that pups can drink from, as well as rolling hills for a good old fashioned frolic. But we love any dog park that has designated areas for small and big dogs, and that includes Bluff Creek Dog Park. 

The Details: 

   Location: 12604 Bluff Creek Dr.

   Hours: Mon-Fri: 7am-6pm; Sat-Sun: 8am-6pm

  1. Hermon Dog Park

An off-leash dog park, woo-hoo! This dog park is adjacent to historic Arroyo Seco, so you can stop in after a long and beautiful tour of Northeast Los Angeles. This is another dog park that has designated and fenced areas for different dogs, including the elderly and disabled! And the amenities are great: shade, benches, and even biodegradable waste bags available for picking up after your pooch. 

The Details: 

   Location: 5566 Via Marisol

   Hours: Mon-Sun: Sunrise-Sunset

  1. Silver Lake Dog Park

Silver Lake offers a nice and simple dog park experience, due in part to the friendly folks (and dogs) who tend to gravitate there. Thankfully, there are separate areas for big and small pups, and the area for big dogs is quite spacious! There are also double gates that are efficient for keeping dogs inside the park and safe. And, of course, there’s the nearby lake which is great for a stroll before and after you let your dog run free at the dog park!

The Details: 

   Location: 1863 Silver Lake Blvd.

   Hours: Mon-Sun: 6am-10pm

  1. Oberrieder Dog Park

If you’re looking for a more intimate dog park, Oberrieder is a little on the smaller side while still offering room for keeping distance. We also love any place with free parking (especially in LA)! But better yet, there’s plenty of shade, seating areas, and drinking fountains for pups. Oberrieder is also known to be one of the cleanest dog parks there is… what’s not to love!?

The Details: 

   Location: 5349 Playa Vista Dr.

   Hours: Mon-Sun: Sunrise-Sunset

  1. Laurel Canyon Dog Park

If you and your pooch have an itch for beautiful scenery, look no further. Laurel Canyon offers gorgeous surrounding views and takes up a whopping three acres. This is also a great park for anyone with kids, as there’s a separate playground so that your human babies can have fun, too! Like other dog parks, Laurel Canyon comes equipped with the amenities you and your pooch need to feel comfortable: watering stations, plenty of seating, and even picnic tables for a quick bite while you watch your pups play! 

The Details: 

   Location: 8260 Mulholland Dr.

   Hours: Mon-Sun: Sunrise-Sunset

  1. Griffith Park Dog Park

This isn’t just an isolated dog park - It’s part of the larger Griffith Park that’s known for its popular and scenic attractions, which is great if you’re looking to diversify your activities. And from what we’ve seen, dogs really love it here! It’s quiet, tucked away, and super friendly. Griffith Dog Park also has fenced and separate areas for dogs big and small so that no one feels intimidated or left out. 

The Details: 

   Location: North end of the John Ferraro Soccer Field on North Zoo Drive

   Hours: Mon-Sun: Sunrise-Sunset

  1. Rosie’s Dog Beach

No dog-friendly guide is quite complete without the famous Rosie’s Dog Beach! And it’s famous for a reason - It’s the only true off-leash beach in the area. It’s not necessarily in the main Los Angeles area, but close enough and totally worth the mention: 4 acres of space for dogs to run free and have fun (and make a splash!). If you want to hit the beach this summer, make sure Rosie’s is one of your stops!

The Details: 

   Location: 5000 E Ocean Blvd.

   Hours: Mon-Sun: 6am-8pm

  1. Runyon Canyon Dog Park

Runyon Canyon is close to the wonderful Hollywood hills while offering beautiful downtown views for you and your pup to enjoy. But even better, it’s one of the best hiking spots you’ll find, with 160 acres of surrounding trails for you to explore before taking a rest stop at the Runyon Canyon Dog Park. With a designated area for off-leash fun, your adventurous pup will truly love this place!

The Details: 

   Location: 2000 N. Fuller Ave.

   Hours: Mon-Sun: Sunrise-Sunset

  1. Westminster Dog Park

This dog park is more in the Venice area, but we just had to mention it, because it’s one of our faves! One reason we love it so much is that it’s so spacious for dogs to play, explore, and socialize. Plus, it’s another off-leash dog park! It’s very well-maintained and close enough to the beach that you can enjoy both in the same day.

The Details: 

   Location: 1234 Pacific Ave.

   Hours: Mon-Sun: Sunrise-Sunset

If we had to choose, Runyon Canyon and Westminster might be our favorite dog parks. Why, you ask? Because they’re so close to where we happen to carry our famous Bazzy’s Frozen Kefir! Stop by Hollywood Super Mart and pick up one of our delicious flavors before heading over to Runyon Canyon with your pup. Or, you can hit up Bruno's Dog and Cat Boutique on your way home from Westminster Dog Park and pick up Fido’s delicious dessert after a long day in the sun. 

We’re so excited to make our frozen kefir treats even more accessible to you, so be sure to follow us @BazzysKefir for more updates about where we’re headed next!