The Story of Bazzy’s and Why We’re Here

At Bazzy’s, we’ve been so fortunate and grateful that our frozen treats have taken off in the Los Angeles community and beyond. We’re making so many new friends as our business expands, and so we thought it was time to write a little bit about who we are: the people (and dog!) behind Bazzy’s Kefir and how we got started!

Our story is close to our hearts because it drives our mission of helping you have healthier and happier pets. We know how important it is for pet parents to have happy pets, and how our beloved companions need strong and educated humans to advocate for them.

Plus, Bazzy isn’t just our spokesdog, he’s our favorite furry friend and the “why” behind all that we do!

It All Started with Bazzy…

In 2016, Yumiko (co-owner of Bazzy’s) adopted an adorable and sweet rescue named Basil—you guessed it, that’s Bazzy! Sadly, Bazzy soon started experiencing itchy and uncomfortable skin issues. After many vet visits and extensive research, Yumiko realized that Bazzy’s condition was due to allergies, something that many pets unfortunately experience.

At the time, Yumiko had taken up making coconut kefir to improve her own health. Coconut kefir, which is coconut milk that’s fermented with kefir grains, helps fuel the “good” bacteria (probiotics) living in your gut. In fact, coconut kefir contains more probiotics than yogurt! And probiotics serve a number of immune-boosting functions, as well as helping with digestion. It also happens to be loaded with potassium, which has a lot of other health benefits like reducing the risk of osteoporosis!

After seeing Bazzy struggle with his skin allergies, Yumiko decided to let Bazzy in on the kefir-goodness. Right away, he loved every last bit of this yummy, creamy treat… he couldn’t seem to get enough! But Yumiko also noticed that after a few months of eating kefir every day, Bazzy’s skin rashes cleared up and his coat was back to its thick and shiny condition. Bazzy’s mood improved, too—no more discomfort and delicious, healthy treats every day made him a pretty happy pooch!

And so, Bazzy’s Kefir was born…

Yumiko believed that her coconut kefir had a lot to do with curing Bazzy’s skin condition and knew she had to share it with other pups who had similar issues (because we know there are a lot of them out there!). And, if nothing else, this frozen probiotic treat would add a simply yummy and healthy dessert to any pup’s meal!

She decided to team up with her sister, Ayako, to develop a kefir treat that every dog could enjoy and that would improve the lives of dogs everywhere. And just like that, Bazzy’s Kefir was born and introduced into the pet industry, adding a health-conscious brand that would shift the market toward healthier foods and away from the unhealthy pet fillers of the past. 

Now that Yumiko and Ayako have teamed up to create better lives for pets, they know their talents can go far beyond just frozen probiotic treats! The Bazzy’s team is passionate about finding the best quality for pets when it comes to much more than desserts, and we’re not afraid to think outside the box and dream big. 

From compostable poo bags, treats, accessories, and more, there is lots in store for Bazzy’s, so make sure you hit that follow button @bazzyskefir so you don’t miss out on what’s coming next. Keep in touch to find out more about how we can provide your pet with the highest quality products they deserve!