Puppy Training 101: An Interview with The Puppy Academy in Hermosa Beach

At Bazzy’s Kefir, we love making friends with our pet-friendly Los Angeles neighbors! Being health-passionate not only means making treats and products that are good for your pups, but it also means exploring all the ways in which we can improve the well-being and lifestyles of your pets. Part of a healthy and happy lifestyle, of course, is training!

We all know how important it is to train your pet: good manners are one thing, but socialization helps improve your dog’s physical and mental health. To learn more about dog training, we sat down with our friends (and our own pup’s trainers) over at The Puppy Academy in Hermosa Beach and asked them a few questions:

  1. Can you tell us a little about yourselves as a puppy training academy?

We are a full-day drop-off training school. Puppies come to school with us during the day (just like how kids go to school!) and receive training throughout the day while their owners are at work, off running errands, taking care of the kids, etc. At night, our puppy-students then go back home to their parents.

The Puppy Academy was created by a first-time puppy owner who struggled throughout puppyhood and wished there was something different out there to better support new puppy parents. So, we built it! In doing so, it allowed us to connect more authentically with our clients because we completely understand what it’s like to be in their shoes.

It certainly helps that we have the most incredible puppy trainers who execute awesome transformations in our students with our programs! Our goal is to help make puppyhood easy for owners so they can experience the well-mannered puppy they’ve always dreamed of, fostering amazing bonds and having a love-filled life in the relationships between pups and parents.


  1. What are your dog-training programs like?

Our training programs last several weeks and are structured very similarly to a school day for kids. This structure helps puppies learn through repetition so they can pick up new and good habits quickly. We also go the extra mile by working with our students’ owners in private one-on-one lessons throughout the program, teaching them everything their puppy has learned with their trainers (us). 

The advantage is, the puppy has already learned the necessary skills and behaviors which makes teaching their parents much easier. Parents are much more confident when they see their puppy is already educated!


  1. What's your favorite success story?

There are so many! How can we choose!? We consider all of our clients to be success stories, unique in their own ways. We love it when owners get to experience their puppies doing things they never thought they would do. This can be as simple as sitting when asked, walking on a leash without pulling, or staying relaxed on a cot for 30 minutes. 

It’s the little things that really make the biggest differences in our owners’ lives. And for us as trainers, being able to communicate with our puppies and see them respond is what can really elevate the bonds we cherish with them. We absolutely love seeing our puppies grow into well-mannered adult dogs.


  1. What is your best advice for someone getting ready to adopt a new puppy?

While you’re budgeting in the expenses that come along with puppyhood, include training! Training is often overlooked and not well-researched beforehand. Many owners don’t consider how much effective training can cost. 

Unfortunately, a lot of owners don’t begin looking for help until they start experiencing problems with their new puppy, but many problems can actually be avoided if they introduce training earlier in their puppy’s life. A good trainer can be your best investment for your puppy’s well-being, as well as your own sanity!


  1. What are your favorite places to bring your puppies around the Greater Los Angeles area?

We’re so lucky to be able to bring our puppies almost everywhere in dog-friendly L.A.! Aside from walking the Strand, we love bringing our pups to patios for lunches and dinners at our favorite places at the Hermosa Beach Pier. Other places include the Metlox Plaza in Manhattan Beach and Riviera Village in Redondo Beach. 

These are especially great places to practice your pup’s Down-Stays or Place command while you’re enjoying some time outdoors! However, these are also heavily crowded areas, so it’s important to know when your puppy is ready for environments like this. For pups who are just starting out with training, take them to less-populated areas or go to dog-friendly restaurants when they are less busy. That way, your pup will have more space to practice while they get used to these public spaces.

  1. How important is diet to a puppy's wellbeing and training? 

Diet is everything. Just like for us humans. We are so lucky to be in a time where the pet food industry is shifting by shedding light on the not-so-great things that have been a staple in dogs’ diets in the past. We are so happy to be in touch with people and companies (like Bazzy’s!) who are taking a stand to change the industry and change gears toward much healthier options. 

We see so many puppies with skin issues and intestinal problems that often stem from food allergies, so we strongly believe that the cleaner the food, the better the pup. We rely on food for training with our puppies while they’re young, so it’s super important to us that they’re ingesting food that truly nourishes them, not just fills their tummies with empty calories. We believe setting up a puppy on a good diet while they’re young will help eliminate health problems as they grow, extend their life spans, and overall help give them a better quality of life.

And we at Bazzy’s whole-heartedly agree! We have seen first-hand the painful effects of skin issues stemming from food allergies, which is why we set out to research the immunity-boosting effects of kefir. Once we saw the profound impact of frozen probiotics, especially on pups’ skin and coat, we knew we had to share it with the world! 

If you’re local, won’t you be our neighbor? Stop into Bruno's Dog and Cat Boutique in Venice to try one of our two awesome flavors: Bazzy's Blueberry Peanut Butter or Bazzy's Original. And while you’re at it, get in touch with our friends at The Puppy Academy to learn how you can incorporate our frozen treats into your puppy training!

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