Outdoor Activities To Enjoy With Your Dog This Summer in Southern California

Summer officially starts in June, and after being cooped up all spring, you and your pups are probably feeling stir-crazy and ready to hit the town! We’re feeling it here at Bazzy’s Kefir, too. But we love our Los Angeles and greater Southern California communities, and we’re already whipping up fun plans for ourselves to stay active, healthy, and safe this summer!

Recently, we scoped out a ton of dog-friendly places and activities in and around SoCal so we could plan our summer. We figured you could use some local tips on keeping your dogs active and happy, too! Here are some of the ideas we came up with: 

Take a Hike

Instead of keeping to your usual around-the-block routine with your pup, try expanding Fido’s horizons and check out some local dog-friendly hiking trails. Treat yourself and your pooch to gorgeous views of the city and of the Pacific Ocean at a safe distance while enjoying some much-needed fresh air. Check out three of our faves:

If you’re looking for a simple but interesting trail to explore, Betty B. Dearing offers a three-mile loop through Wilacre Park and Coldwater Canyon Park. Leashed up pups are more than welcome to hike through the lush green scenery with you, and there’s plenty of shade for those extra hot days! 

Like so many parks in the Los Angeles area, Cahuenga Peak offers a great view of the iconic Hollywood sign, but without the usual traffic of other trails. Another thing that sets this trail apart is the Wisdom Tree, great for a rest with your pup and photo-ops!

This one is a little “hike” away from the Los Angeles area, but not out of reach! And who doesn’t love a lighthouse!? We found that the Seascape Trail is awesome for getting a good look at the bigger picture: the Pacific Ocean. 

Check Out Swimming Facilities for Dogs

Did you ever think your pooch could have his own exclusive country club!? And if you have a particularly active pooch, then he’ll LOVE being introduced to a new sport this summer: dock diving! If you’re not already familiar, dock diving is almost exactly what it sounds like: leaping off a dock into a body of water like a pool or lake. Many dogs compete for height and distance, but yours doesn’t have to! Just like humans, most dogs love making a big splash. 

A lot of these swimming facilities offer dock diving, training classes, and more. Check ‘em out!:

Doggie Central is a cage-free boarding and day-care service located in Culver City, with a pool for both recreational and rehabilitation purposes. The pool is great for all kinds of dogs, including dogs who like to take their time dipping their toes and dogs who like to JUMP!

At Country Dog Ranch, you can treat your pup to a day at the spa! They take doggy luxury to the next level. But Country Dog Ranch isn’t just a dream vacay away from home for your dog—they also utilize motivational training! 

This non-profit is doing awesome work by providing a physical rehabilitation center for animals who need to recover or just want to swim recreationally. This is a great option for pups who have been under the weather due to a lack of socialization! Check out their website for all the incredible work they do for pups with special needs… like wheelchair fittings!

Check Out Los Angeles Dog Beaches

If you can’t make it to a swimming facility this summer, there’s always the reliable summertime go-to activity: beaches! And one of the things we love about Southern California is how dog-friendly it is. Aside from the very popular Rosie’s Dog Beach, there’s:

Granada shares the Belmont Shore with Rosie’s Dog Beach and has the same dog-friendly atmosphere. Granada even lets dogs go leash-free and has tons of summertime events for both pets and their parents.

Your dog will have plenty of space to run, play, and splash at Huntington Dog Beach, but it’s family-friendly too. There’s a grassy park and picnic area as well as full facilities to meet your human needs. 

If you don’t mind the drive, Staircase Beach is not too far from Los Angeles and great for pet parents who surf. It’s a park with a trail, too, so you can enjoy a hike and then splash around afterward!

...Or Stay at Home

No matter how much you love the outdoors, sometimes you just gotta stay in. There’s still a lot of fun things to do with your pup at home, especially if you have a backyard:

  • Let your pooch have his own swim facility and get a kiddie pool! Add some extra fun by throwing in non-toxic colorful plastic balls for your pup to dive in and fetch. Get a camera, because you’re going to want to capture these adorable poolside moments!
  • Invest in a sandbox: Trust us, your dog misses digging holes in the backyard! With a sandbox, he can dig and hide toys to his heart’s content. Just make sure to get a sandbox with a cover… you don’t want any neighborhood cats or strays mistaking it for a bathroom!
  • Chuckit! Toys: Have you been putting off playing fetch with your pup because it can get so… slimy? You’ll love Chuckit! launchers because they’ll make your dog go the distance while also giving your hands and arms a break. When your dog brings the ball back, you can pick it back up, hands-free. 

No matter what you decide to do with your dogs over the summer, he’ll need a cool and refreshing way to end the day. What better way to reward your pup for all that exercise than by treating him to Bazzy’s Frozen Kefir? And if you’re out and about, make sure to pop over to Hollywood Super Mart, where you can pick up one of our delicious flavors!

Do you know of any other dog-friendly events and activities around Los Angeles this summer? Connect with us @BazzysKefir and let us know!