How to Throw an Epic Birthday Party for Your Dog

If you’ve never considered throwing your dog a birthday party before, stop whatever you’re doing and start planning the next one! 😉 There are so many reasons to celebrate your dog’s birthday: aside from the simple fun of it, it’s a great opportunity to bring friends and furry companions together. And, of course, your pooch will appreciate all the attention and love he’ll get on his very special day.


If you don’t know the day of your pup’s birth, no worries! Some people call their doggy’s birthday a “gotcha day” to celebrate their adoption anniversary. And we know just how important and special that day is. It’s the day both of your lives changed forever. You found your best friend and he found his fur-ever home! So, let Bazzy’s Kefir be your event planner...let’s talk birthday parties for your pooch!


Here’s our how-to guide on throwing an epic birthday party for your dog:


  1. Create a Guest List

You might think creating a guest list is a no-brainer, but there are few factors to consider. For starters, does your dog get along with other dogs? Even if your pup isn’t a dog-lover, you can still throw him a birthday bash! It just might have to be humans-only, which will be just as fun for him or her.


If your dog is friendly with other dogs, make sure that the dogs you invite have already been introduced to your pup (and maybe even each other). Even if your pup and his friends are social, make sure to do any initial introductions in front of your house (if you’re throwing the party at home) to avoid any territorial mishaps.


Finally, you should decide if this will be a kid-friendly birthday party. Some babies and children have yet to learn “gentle touch” when handling animals. Whatever you decide when it comes to other babies and dogs, make sure you have enough adult supervision so that everyone can safely party on.

  1. Choose a Theme

Guess what? Your dog’s birthday party doesn’t have to be doggy themed! Coming up with a theme is probably the most exciting part of party planning for your pup. You can choose a theme that’s relevant to your dog’s personality, your own personality, or a combination of both!


Is your dog a total diva? Watch out, Hollywood! Head to your local costume shop and find some sweet shades and feather boas. Or, if your pup is a chill dude (and it’s warm out), you can fire up the grill and go for a sunny Hawaiian themed party. Just like with a kid’s birthday party, the options are endless: from princesses to ballerinas to Star Wars, the sky’s the limit! Just make sure you have fun with it, and that your theme is feasible given your budget, time, and space. Which brings us to...

  1. Location, Location, Location
    Now that you have your guest list and theme, it should be a lot easier to narrow down a location for your dog’s birthday party. If your party will have a lot of dogs, you might want to opt for an outside venue where there will plenty of space to run around and play (and there won’t be accidents inside the house!). 


A local dog-friendly park or dog beach is the obvious choice for an outside venue, especially if they offer picnic benches you can reserve and decorate. But keep in mind that some parks require you to book space ahead of time, so be sure to check their rules and regulations well in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises.


Would you rather throw your doggy birthday bash at home, or at a friend’s house? Be sure to think about space, both inside and outdoors. There should be ample yard space as well as plenty of bathroom breaks for all your four-legged party guests. 


  1. Make Invitations

Okay, maybe this is the most fun part of party planning, especially if you’re creative! Facebook makes it easy to invite anyone, but if you have the time and budget, creating real invitations is a nice touch. Aside from the endless online services available to design and print invitations, your nearest stationery store can help you out. 


For a compromise between Facebook invites and snail-mail invitations, Evites are a popular choice. There are plenty of websites that provide templates, but we’re partial to Canva, a life-saver when it comes to custom yet easy designs. 


Make sure your invitations not only match your theme but that they’re as clear as possible about what your guests should expect at your dog’s birthday party. Consider informing guests ahead of time whether or not gifts, babies, or other dogs are welcome. If you’re throwing a fancy party, be sure to include a dress code!


  1. Come Up with Fun Activities
    You don’t want to just gather up all the dog toys you can find (we will want to avoid resource guarding issues with that many toys out). Plus, there are human and canine friends to entertain! There are tons of different birthday games and activities, but here are a few of our favorites:
  • A photo booth: it doesn’t even have to be as elaborate as hiring a photographer! Set up your “photo booth” in front of a cute background and keep a tub of props nearby. Set up a tripod if you have one, or have guests take turns taking photos of each other. 
  • Hide and Seek: Tell your guests in advance to bring their pup’s favorite toys. Hide them around the house or the yard and see which dog can find them and bring them back to their owner. Another alternative is to buy toys for your guests in advance, and whichever dog finds one can bring his new toy home!
  • DIY Ball Pit: Depending on your space and budget, a doggy ball pit is a great choice (do make sure your plastic balls are big enough to avoid choking hazards!). A DIY pit can be as easy as getting a plastic baby pool to fill with balls. Dogs go CRAZY with these!


  1. Make Gift Bags (Or “Doggy Bags”)

Doggy bags will be sure to make your human guests and furry friends feel extra loved. It’s little gestures like these that will make you famous as an epic party host! This is also another opportunity to show off your creative flair. Aside from small doggy toys and treats, consider including a recipe card of your favorite dog-friendly homemade treats. 


Your human guests might also appreciate some items like poop bags within their bags—it won’t only get a good laugh, but it’s a considerate and useful gift. Be sure to include personal thank-you notes from your dog’s point-of-view. We know how grateful your dog is to have so many humans and pups to love! 


  1. Have a Menu

The Number One Rule: Keep in mind any food restrictions or allergies among your guests and be sure to plan considerately. You don’t want any of your guests to feel excluded or unsafe. Everyone should be able to eat at your party!

Your typical party foods are an easy choice, but if you love to cook, go wild! Whatever you cook up (or buy), be sure to avoid anything that would be toxic to pets. Despite your best efforts, there’s always a chance of your doggy guests getting into human food. 

For your four-legged guests, you can serve yappy hour cocktails (chicken broth with a pretzel and peace of hot dog, for example). If you have a knack for cooking and baking, the dog-friendly recipes are endless! You can whip up dog-safe cookies, cupcakes, or donuts! And, of course, a doggy birthday cake is a must-have. If you can’t bake your own doggie birthday cake, consider buying one from a doggy bakery. Trust us—it’s worth it, even if it’s for the wonderful over-the-top photo opportunity we’re all looking for! 

But...what is the most important piece of the puzzle for your dog’s birthday party? Bazzy’s Kefir, of course!  Bazzy’s Blueberry Peanut Butter Frozen Kefir Treats will be a hit among your guests or as a birthday present for your one and only pooch. Because I mean, can you really have dessert without a frozen treat like ‘ice cream?’ Made with organic ingredients, our Kefir treats are delicious and good for your pup. He’ll love licking it all up while you’ll love knowing that your pup is getting all the health benefits of cultured probiotics! 

Now that you’re ready to throw your dog’s epic birthday party, be sure to take plenty of pictures and tag us @BazzysKefir. We can’t wait to see what a blast your furry friends’ day will be!